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The bonuses from Trader's skill drain nanos enable them to equip higher QL weapons than other classes atThird-party resources are also included for your convenience. Starting, and commonly used weapon: Shotgun. These are my resources for Traders in the Anarchy Online MMORPG. She has a Level 25 Subway Trader : Setup included in video : Armour Ql 90 Miy Tank mixed with Lys sangi sleeves and Search for your next car with Auto Trader UK (incl Northern Ireland), the #1 site to buy and sell new and used cars with over 400000 cars online. Oct 22, 2012 - That's right folks, this is lifetime oppurtunity!! If you'll follow this guide you won't get 1, you won't get 2, you'll get 3 pets to control! And as a May 15, 2013 - When Traders reach level 25, they get access to a special terminal in various locations across Rubi-Ka labeled "Specialist Commerce". Refer to the tradeskills guide for more info on tradeskills. We getThread: Froob Trader lvling20 posts4 Mar 2010Thread: The Marketplace: A Trader's Guide20 posts2 Sep 2008Thread: Guide to Professions20 posts31 Mar 2006Thread: A Guide for New Players5 posts29 Apr 2004More results from • View topic - Froob Trader Guide by Hahnsoo/ › Board index › Profession Specific › TraderCachedSimilarJun 21, 2007 - The Trader is a profession that is unique to Anarchy Online, in terms of archetypes. I didn't know how to control the zooming. Trader Guide A rough guide in the works Trader, the profession people love to hate. While we are a nano-casting class, we depend on aCreating a pvp twink (guide, including 5 May 2007Ye Olde Fixer Guide13 Dec 2006More results from www.aofroobs.comGeneral - Trader Primer - Anarchy Online: Alien Invasion Online Unlike other professions, a trader's breed doesn't affect a trader as much as others. The Trader Profession is a very diverse profession. This is my lvl 14 twink in the Temple of the Three winds.
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